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Todd Clever Foundation Announcement

The Todd Clever Foundation together with The Rugby Shop are pleased to announce their innovative partnership agreement. 

The foundation will support The Rugby Shop in its efforts to help connect multiple manufacturers to teams and leagues by leveraging the power of sports fandom through branding, becoming the first full scale Rugby clearinghouse in North American’s emerging global sports economy.  

Many hands make light work, and in this case having the ability to connect players' stories with the businesses or organizations that dress them will help personalize the experience, in branding so the fans feel a deeper connection to their sports organization.

Our sports ecosystem is not what it used to be, and even more so because of what COVID taught us. We are changing all the time in grassroot efforts and as leagues grow. We no longer can just think about the league, owners, or players that fit inside Rugby, we must move out because they belong to a community.  

Founder of The Rugby Shop, Jason Macdonald is excited to move the needle on what can be achieved in the space; "the power of sports really matters. Sports start difficult conversations, and we see our communities’ organizations, businesses that we never thought they would connect now come together for Rugby. Nonprofits like The Todd Clever foundation have the ability to change lives, but it is the for-profit business partners that can look at revenue in different ways then leverage assets that benefit nonprofits allowing them to thrive. Relationship marketing and fundraising together help us understand consumer behavior and brand loyalty then allow us to design better operations to reach success in serving our communities".

“I am thrilled to partner up with The Rugby Shop.” says Clever.  "The Todd Clever Foundation has grown so fast and is making a huge impact in Rugby Across America. This partnership will allow it to continue to grow by having The Rugby Shop handle and manage the team jersey grants and ball grants".

The Todd Clever Foundation is aligned with Professional Rugby youth initiatives and provides teams in Professional Rugby cities (focused on youth, inner city and girls/women) with playing gear and team equipment.

For more information please contact shop@therugbyshop.com