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From its inception in 2005, Rugby Division looked to the future of rugby and its community. Without forgetting the values ​​inherent in rugby which unite practitioners and supporters, the Rugby Division sportswear collections aim to combine the traditional oval with an urban, cosmopolitan and creative dynamism appreciated by the new generation.
Openness, daring, humor, "overflowing framing", so many qualifiers that fit well with the image conveyed by Rugby Division.
With original, quality products made in Europe, Rugby Division has been able to conquer an ever larger and transgenerational audience.
In 2021, Rugby Division continues to shake up the codes and is committed as an actor and ambassador of a future eco-responsible.
More than a brand, it is a unique concept combining urban culture, outdoor codes and rugby values. All while respecting the environment thanks to eco-designed products (organic cotton, short circuit, "no wastes" ...).
Rugby Division is part of its times and speaks with freedom and impertinence to offer you lifestyle and streetwear collections, explosive and original.
If rugby is a sport of conquest, Rugby Division is definitely on the front line!


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